Just Being

It seems to me that human  beings will do almost anything to avoid facing their own human weaknesses—anything, that is, except face themselves. Even in the spiritual world I don’t think that it is uncommon for humans to pursue what they believe to be an omnipotent state in which one is superior to others or which we might see ourselves transcend and/ or control all of  our  own human failings. I have in the past thought that being enlightened had something to do with this  in  my own unique way  of  projecting what I thought perfection was, and in the achieving of  that  I would  somehow be above human frailty.

But it is not such as this. In becoming aware I am moved to  see that life has a way of moving us toward surrender. In that seeing we find the space to begin to experience glimpses of the reality of our own, and all others, impermanence. In relaxing effort at becoming something, that has been a creation and fixture of mind, I am able to realize and be with a more fundamental and comprehensive truth, revealed in my embracing of  my vulnerable form and its limited existence.  It is in the letting go of what I thought  and hoped myself to be and what I should become, that  I might one day rise above the weakness, imperfection and fear that was all a part of that mythical perception of self.

In coming to the realization of what  I  do not know and what I am not, there is  quite a sensation of liberation and expansion into something much more vast than anything I could know or think myself to be and it seems to be the  place that  I am best able to  realize  what It is that I  am in fear of and what the truth of that fear is or is not.

And than there are those moments when that self that believes and knows, finds it way to contributing to a contracted  and fragmented projection  and manifestation of itself.

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