Knowing in the First Person Objective

There is knowing in the first person objective and there is stepping  out from that.

I am returning to my wife in Germany in two days. Something has been resolved this time around. I no longer seem to be as  attached to my home in Canada in the same way that I was. I know that I will miss friends and the peace and vast space here. I always enjoy a peaceful abode close to nature and Canada may be one of the best options in the world for that. But people are people and egos are egos. They separate us from being; under a collective disguise and facade of knowing that is a part of that. That separation is a deadly phenomenon; to humanity, to other beings and to the planet and this is so in a variety of ways.

Canadians are no different then people of other lands in this way. They may be more polite about how they interact but they seem to be just as blinded as most in their confidence in knowing and the fear that it arises from that. In that reduced place  of awareness  our “belief” in what we know separates us from the whole and a greater truth that comes with that and this general lack of awareness of this truth is most concerning. We are all fundamentally connected to each other and in our conditioning there arises a disconnection from that realization such that greatly contributes to the cause and perpetuation of  the global crisis that is now looming on our planet.

A contemplative life has encouraged awareness and I now come to realize that  humanity as a whole  is responsible for taking the steps that would lead to a more comprehensive envisioning that transcends the fixated self that is the root of limited responses and  interventions. This is a knowing of a different essence than can be realized by all.

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