Synchronized With an Inner Truth

The reality we live in is one created out of mental concepts that encompass a relative truth; meaning  to some degree  and that is not one of absolute truth nor a synchronisation with the reater reality.  So how should we live in this existence of relative truths?

If we can come to understand the limitations of our human mind and how it has come to be conditioned and in that awareness  come to find ground in direct  experience and reflection of the kind of truth that Kierkegaard suggests, (truth of Subjectivity) here is the possibility that this influence can transform our conceptual  orientation..

George Feurstein describes the classic Advaita-Vedanta perspective on enlightenment by defining it as “the shattering of all mental constructs about existence, including the notions of voidness and chaos or fullness and harmony.” He further suggests that, “Enlightenment is that condition of the body-mind in which it is perfectly synchronized with the transcendental Reality. It is identical with Self-realization.”



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