Opening Through the Question

Its only been recently that I am able to  see in a more expansive way. For most of my life I perceived myself through the lens of assumed self. The thing that I now most realize is that what this self believes to be true is  relative to the perception of the self. I was looking in a way that would only reveal relative truth  through the observation of  self as the subject observing the object.

It is from a place of greater  openness that I am able to see with greater truth.  Opening has involved letting go of fixed definitions, opinions and assumptions that have served a vague and limiting  identity and a vague and limited understanding of  the big picture . As well it has involved learning to cope and live with the experience of vulnerability rather  than being dominated by its unacknowledged urges. A superficial resolution of these urges seems to have led humanity to a compromised perception. Often in open, honest and intimate reflection with  others  vulnerability can arise and I am coming to understand that it as a door to a more expansive awareness and greater insight.

One of the ways that I am finding myself transformed through this process is that I am discovering that I  am much more interested and invested in the question as opposed to the conclusion.


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