The Absolute Truth of Consciousness

Influenced by Jed McKenna

In order to recognize the absolute truth we must recognize the untruth of the realty we have created and assumed. In  that created world nothing makes sense, and the only thing that can ever make sense is that nothing can ever make sense. In awareness of a more absolute essence everything makes perfect sense right out of the box, even the compelling apparency of the created universe. Nothing is excluded or swept under the rug, nothing is mysterious or hidden, nothing requires Einsteinian intelligence or supercolliders or space telescopes to be understood, nothing requires intermediaries or intercessors to translate for us. It’s all very simple and obvious and directly knowable. How could truth be otherwise. 

4 thoughts on “The Absolute Truth of Consciousness

  1. And next one needs to recognise that this Reality here is all you have.

    I met Jed in Cambodia, and all is not what it seems. He got the last piece of the enlightenment puzzle, as did I, but what he did with this knowing is… well, it is business, and he is no saint. Reality was a shocker.


    1. I guess we have to learn to live with the ego and our imperfection. The thing I struggle with most these days is others expectations that I should somehow strive for some assumed standard of perfection.


  2. I don’t struggle at all. My blog relays the encounters and how we are all subject to Human Condition. Enlightenment is the myth for adults to grab and hold on to, in the same way Santa Claus is a fairytale for children.

    My best to you.


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