Mindfullness and Awareness

We currently live in a dualistic world , largely formed as a projection of our collective consciousness. But something of a deeper awareness is emerging. It is emerging in the individual experience of more and more of us and involves a deeper awareness of what we are and where we come from. We are born with this awareness but through our socialization, enculturation and conditioning this inner influence is  less regarded and we become more subject to the  influence of the exterior world and its mechanistic and reductionistic ways of perceiving.

Mindfulness is a way of remembering. It brings  an awareness that allows for a remembering. In that awareness we chip away at the superficial and rigid creation of self that prevents a deeper realization. That surface oriented self contains what we are but at the same time veils it. It is an inevitable part of our human development and had and has  its usefullness. But in its limited ways it serves to perpetuate a perception of differentiation and separation that has become destructive.

Awareness enables us to see our exterior self and its superficial manifestation and in this seeing and realization it becomes transparent. In that deeper seeing an unfolding occurs that is  very natural, creative  and ineffable in its orientation and consequently it comes to influence that exterior manifestation. In that transparency there is,  a dynamic of flow,  between inner and exterior awareness that serves to influence our formation.

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