Tears of Being

Many times through the day  things arise that bring a tearful experience. Things seem too touch the heart more than they once did. It might be noticing a childs innocence or maybe two people showing affection  or being intimate with each other. Music can bring them or just the experience of being and coming to a sense of being grateful for life that it brings can be the initiator. It doesn’t take away from the reality that life has at times  been a struggle and perhaps that has been something that has contributed to that sense of living fully and the tears that this realization triggers; possibly it,s  partly learning how to cope and negotiate the struggle of life and seeing the value and beauty in that.

The flow of presence is like the flow of a river which is always creating, ripples, waves and bubbles. I understand and embrace the reality that these bubbles arise in.  In the direct conscious embracing of  primordial presence I watch these bubbles and waves arise and flow away and come to realize that this is the nature of life flowing and I will come to know my self in its fullness through the direct experience of this dynamic flowing and  unfolding.

It is not ultimately realized and discovered in renunciation and abnegation  of the surface dimensions of life and the difficulty that we perceive from that. In the experience of presence I realize that it is all part of the ebb and flow of life and what I am. At the same time life is more and bigger than the surface dimensions alone can make sense of. In awareness of presence there are the tears of realization.

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