What Must We Do? Or Not

Nobody has to do anything that they don’t want to do. We are free to make our choices. But there are consequences for what we choose to do. We are not as free as we are led to believe in this way. Western societies have a history of belief in the idea of being an individual and that this individual has rights and freedoms. Historically countries such as America have promoted a democratic thinking that embraced these values. Ironically and quite conveniently they promoted liberty and freedom for a certain select group of individuals excluding others such as the aboriginal and slave cultures that shared the land that they forcefully occupied.
What we come to believe about our freedom is not always grounded in a comprehensive truth. Our perceptions and beliefs as a separate individual can involve quite a selective seeing at a great cost and if we want to see from a place of deeper awareness there are things that we have to do and perhaps that involves contemplating and ultimately letting go of ways of perceiving that we believe to be true. There is a likelihood that we will have to open to a place of seeing things about ourselves that we don’t want to see; that we have avoided in our selective ways and there might be enormous cultural and institutional reluctance and resistance to do this. The American fathers wrote about valuing democracy, freedom and liberty while they embraced slavery and eliminated indigenous populations. Were they the freedom loving individual that they perceived themselves to be. The consequences of their perceptions and actions which were devoid of compassion and empathy are still unresolved, to this day.
We have created the reality that we know and now have, out of our collective selective perceptions. No, we don’t have to change. We can continue in this duality that we now embrace but there are many monumental consequences for our ignorance that we can’t seem to resolve from that current way of thinking. So what needs to occur if we wish to look to deeper truths of what we are and to be more creative and compassionate in our ways of being. Can we bear to see how it is that we have contributed to separation and delusion and how that has contributed to not knowing ourselves and all else in a most intimate way.

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