Finger Pointing to the Moon

I appreciate open  discussion,  very much so;  but, at the same time  I realize that I am an extreme doubter. Claims to know,  are to me,  simply a subjective way of seeing. I understand that there is often a revelation or experience of truth to those who make such claims,  but in the fixing and conceptualizing of that,  it seems only to impart relative truth.  It becomes, for  me;  simply a way of seeing that has limitations; such as the limitations of language and concepts used to attempt to capture its essence.   I enjoy exploring those relative ways and investigating and comparing them but seldom feel that there is absolute understanding acquired through them. They are at most, as the Buddhists say, “a finger-pointing to the moon”. They can touch in me,  a deeper place of intuition and realization from which I am often inspired to explore deeper possibilities.

Direct experience is to me the way of knowing,  and that too is inevitably subjective. The direct experience is not something that is fixed, however; but  constantly changing and forming according to the perception that’s before it and whatever it is that might influence that. If we are bogged down in opinion, concepts,  theoretical, philosophical and analytical understanding than it seems that the direct experience can be somewhat  impaired by this.  Attempts to express and conceptual the direct experience can be helpful if I realize the limitations of these processes. Any kind of direct experience that reveals some truth to me has this subjective orientation, however it might be that all others have the capacity to experience a similar revelation.

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