Opening to What is Bigger Than Self

It seems to me that opening our minds to new things; is what  life is about. When I am stuck in old  and fixed views and rationalizations and ways of seeing myself and the world I reduce my ability to see more vast,  emerging connections and extensions of what I am. Yes we all think differently and we are entitled to our opinions and choices. So true.

Many of us come to a place where we do not explore or question, but in blind faith accept  opinions and perceptions that have been handed down from past  generations. Curiosity and a thirst to know deeper truth or more direct experience so often seems to have fallen by the wayside. Our societal and cultural norms often  perpetuate, promote and reinforce a society that is static, rigid in its self-definition, oppressive and ultimately destructive. Our old views have served us in terms of enabling the human species to survive but if we are to adapt to an ever-changing world and universe we must come to a new awareness; to see in a deeper more comprehensive way, bigger truths that we have missed in our old ways.  To enter into deeper awareness than the conventional self is able to see we might firstly  take the step to open to the possibility that we are missing something in our habitual way and allow ourselves to see the possibility that we might not be too far away from destroying  ourselves and all other beings on this planet. From that awareness we might be enabled to realize what it is that we do and what we have become and from there what we must do. We might begin to see that our behaviour has huge impacts on others and on the planet and that to share and talk in an open way might be a way  to discover and explore new possibilities. Yes we will meet resistance and conflict but this is something to be met and moved through in discovering the truth of ourselves and it is a lifetime journey to discover ourselves.

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