I don’t take my conclusions about life too seriously; ultimately I don’t take myself too seriously. I perceive the human tendency to believe in their conclusions and in fact their conclusions about self to be a bit absurd. I realize that my  expressions are always incomplete expressions; however,  they may serve to lead to  reflection, contemplation ,inquiry and discussion of which I have come to value and perceive to be a fundamental and important aspect of  the unfolding of consciousness.

Change seems  to happen regardless of what I write, say or do, but is the quality of change affected by whether or not I bring something authentic of my being or  not to life?  I suspect,  from my heart; that love, openness,compassion, kindness and intimacy promote a different quality of change then violence, hate, anger, ideological or dogmatic obsession or self-absorbed ways do. My own sense is that the change that occurs from each way is quite different and that they arise from a different place of awareness. To sit passively; unengaged in life from the understanding  that my involvement in life is unnecessary or from a  pursuit of bliss , self-sufficiency or self-mastery is as well lacking in realization of the  interconnection of all that exists. I am a fundamental and inseparable part of everything that exists; that can’t really be understood through rational processes as much as a realization arising from an awareness within. That inner awareness has often been  compromised by more learned ways of being.
Acting in a way that is  focused on making an effort to create change is ultimately not  a loving, compassionate, action, however; the energy that emanates from the essence of what I am is curious, compassionate, kind, accepting and intimate in its essence. And it naturally leads to exploration, investigation, connection and an investment in life and living and the mystery  that surrounds it. Change arising from that energy is dynamic, vast and something more authentic than  effort arising from the self.

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8 thoughts on “Change

  1. I’m in the middle of reading David Kessler’s Capture : Unraveling the Mystery of Mental Suffering. I think you would find it very interesting. He looks at the ways in which we can be “captured” by ideas which lead to self-destruction or the destruction of others or we can be “captured” by ideas which bring us healing and/or creative ways of moving beyond self to a more meaningful connect to others :


    1. It does sound interesting. I will check it out. I wonder what it is that influences those different ideas.


      1. The book begins by talking about David Foster Wallace and his book “Infinite Jest”. I am reading that now.


  2. I watched the movie “The End of the Tour” recently, which was a dramatised account of Wallace’s book tour for “Infinite Jest”. It sounds like a great book. I’d like to read it, but it is so long it’s a bit off-putting. I’m a slow reader.


    1. I read a bit if the Capture book and it seems to be quite relevant from a modern look at psychological concepts but the one thing I would add to his emphasis on mental training is that there is something happening that is perhaps more organic in the act of letting go. Our thoughts perpetuate an unnatural orientation whether positive or negative. In letting go there seems to be the realization of a connectionthat is timeless. He may in fact realize this and write about it in the book but perhaps not. It is not a conventional scientific item that can be researched and proven.


      1. I haven’t got to the end of the book yet and his ideas on how we can escape capture. My feeling from what I’ve read so far is that the ideas he is expressing have a wider applicability, but he sticks to what he can give some documentary evidence to back up. I like that, because I think we can reflect more deeply and personally on the ideas he presents, but sticking to individual cases and to reputable scientific research gives the book a credibility which will help it reach a wider audience than it would if he were less disciplined.


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