A Fixed Opinion or Not

When my opinions are fixed I am not open to seeing things in a new way. When I grasp on to belief, whether it is religious, spiritual or secular in its orientation, I am putting my faith in an arbitrary opinion  and in doing so I draw a line in the sand. These days I see that there are many things better off left to the unknown rather than in making an effort to rigidly define and selectively use  bias and limited information to defend my position. Quite often the truth is not definable as we have conventionally come to assume or believe it to be.

Most anything can be skilfully rationalionalized and asserted as truth  by one who us skilled in doing so. It seems that much of what  I have come to assume to be true is of a more relative quality than absolute. In my rigid  grasping and search for a conclusive understanding there is a closing of the mind and much that I miss in my assertion of certainty. In that assertion I am not open to that which is not measurable and that what I might have missed in my selective way of seeing or that which is not disposed to our human senses to see. In my fixed assertion I am not considering that everything changes.

This is not to say that there is no benefit in searching and curiously exploring what is and is not. But  in attaching rigidly to a fixed conclusion there is too much of what I am  searching  for that is missed. I begin to see the value in the process  involvend in my search for truth; in remaining open to other possibilities and new ways of perceiving and insight that  seem to arise in this openness. It seems to me that there is more truth in this changing unknowable life than is known and that we are better able to have a sense of what that might be, through our direct, aware experience however difficult it may be to express that.

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