Vulnerability and Woundedness

I realize these days that I am increasingly coming to be with my vulnerability and that includes an increasing awareness of my woundedness. At the same time I don’t think that translates into moving towards a point of self-healing; where I will no longer feel vulnerable or wounded but more that I can learn to better be with all of that. Our hidden wounds can keep us incapacitated. There is a reason that they are hidden and often our behaviour becomes about maintaining the status quo but we pay a price in doing so. In bringing awareness and acceptance to my wounds it increasingly enables me to rise out of such complacency, to a place of living in a way that I am more attentive to what I am curious about.

It is not a conventional norm to acknowledge and reveal this aspect of vulnerability and woundedness about ourselves. There is some discomfort with this area of discussion in general, but, I sense that it is a fundamental realization, essential to realize, in coming to be authentically compassionate, accepting and just simply more kind and alive in our way. More than anything it is a truth of myself that I no longer need to separate from, avoid, bury or hide from. It is an inseparable part of me and the suppression of that realisation is more problematic to our growth and living fully than acknowledgement of it.

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2 thoughts on “Vulnerability and Woundedness

  1. If we feel that our woundedness reflects badly on us then it is hard to acknowledge or accept. But wisdom will tell us that it doesn’t reflect badly on us. The wounds are badges of honour for the challenges we have survived.


  2. That is a wonderful reflection.It can take a long time until we come to some acceptance of our wounds. Sometimes they can be quite buried but once we do, what you say can apply.


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