How Should We Relate?

It seems that in our upbringing and learning to be social there is the likelihood that we abandon features of our authentic self. That has been a less than perfect process for me resulting in a disjointed, pretentious and unaware self to emerge. As can be expected there is limited satisfaction in living in such a way.
A more authentic realization first involved an awareness of how unsatisfactory this self had been and then that there are alternative ways to proceed one of which is to allow what it is that is more authentic of our self to be more involved in life than it once was. This is a less ideal process then one may have been led to believe. What is real of the self may not be seen to be conventionally desirable and it may as well be that living in a truthful honest way may be perceived to be offensive to others who are content to live a life free of this quality of examination.
Ultimately what is the more ethical honorable path? It is highly likely that our deepening awareness will bring discomfort and chaos to those who live other than that. Knowing how one should bring acquired insight and awareness to relationships is not always clear. Should one be passive or act in a way that brings an intense forthcoming. Is there importance in dialogue and exploring in a deeper way these insights with others or should one be content to be alone with inner revelations and the internal change that they bring without imposing it on others.

One thought on “How Should We Relate?

  1. I suppose there is some kind of middle path. There is nothing wrong with being a bit of a challenge to others, but important to pay attention to their feedback to see if you have gone too far for them. Also, I think, our comfortability with aspects of our own nature can greatly influence how other’s respond to those aspects.


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