About Jiddu Krishnamurti

I am someone who values Krishnamurti,s insights very much. There are many people; and it seems that women are more likely not to, that do not appreciate Krishnamurti`s style of presentation. I can see why that might be but it doesn`t seem to bother me as it does others. I see that he was a product of his time and culture and I don’t think that there are many spiritual teachers that do not have a very human side that seems to contradict what they teach at times and we all make mistakes and have our limitations and blockages; even spiritual teachers. Our conditioned identities have been a result of generations of cultural and familial influences and they are not constructs that we are likely to escape from in one lifetime. We come to see through these relative creations of self through seeing a deeper truth.It is all a part of our unfolding into a deeper sense of awareness. If I am not able to understand what that humanness is in someone how can I see it in myself and vice versa. What I value mostly about K is that he promotes a process of “looking at” and “questioning” his own self. And for me his teaching constantly reflects and points to this looking to understand self in this way, In the end, to explore and inquire into self and to come to understand what that is, is for me a most essential adventure.

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