Shifting to Wholeness

I dont know that my way is the way that should be followed. It is more that I have questions and that it seems to be that humanity has become “closed in” by our conventional perceptions and from “there” we can not seem to find our way out. We seem to look for meaning using old ways that are proving to be limited in their scope. The way that we have been raised and educated to live our lives is one of relative truths. In general our perceptions and the related emerging identity itself is derived from a fragmented awareness. We are taught that our truth is absolute when in fact it is very much relative; a fragment of the whole. These days the conventional wisdom is one of seriously questioning the perception of objectivity that grounds our conventional identities and that we perceive to be the reality; that much of our insight and understanding flows from.
This inquiry into the limits of the conventional self and related wisdom is very much necessary if we are to practically and realistically confront the global problems that we, as a planet are encountering. We need to be able to step out of our rigid way of perception of an individual self that is ultimately in confrontation with other selves to a place that we can see the self as it more organically relates to and fits into the whole. Only than can we take responsibility for our individual actions and from there will our collective response become adjusted.
Our conventional collective response is often an outpouring of our fragmented individual consciousness and in that we turn to the experts of our fragments and their areas of expertise and knowledge for leadership and guidance. What is expressed by them is often limited by these limitations of self and perception that I am raising. There is an emerging awareness in the collective consciousness and there are some gifted individuals capable of communicating this more comprehensive vision although there is no absolute way that it need be expressed. Part of moving into a more whole way involves the possibility of allowing for a creative energy to influence our vision and expression.
There is a mistaken perception that others are more capable than ourselves in terms of knowing what the truth is. It is that conditioning and thinking that has partly been the cause of our suffering and related problems,and that leads only to further fragmentation and suffering.
There is, for some, the mistrust of thinking and for them that unfolding into a more whole way of being involves a fundamental step to disconnect from it. My own experience is more that I have become more deeply aware of parts of the self that have been neglected or forgotten and in that coming together it has influenced my thinking in a new way. To do so has involved stepping out from my fragmented conditioned habits. This has involved an important step of finding a place of silence that holds some distance from the influence of past ways and from there, what is authentic and unconditioned is permitted to emerge as a greater influence in my being.
Finally there is the communication and expression of all this. At times we arrive at insight where we don’t really know how we have arrived at them. There isn’t at times, much perception, understanding or knowledge in the process of arriving at the insight, which often makes it difficult to communicate it to others especially since our conventional language does not tend to include symbols and words to express this. Our specialized ability to perceive and express fragments is not suited to sharing aspects of the experience of the whole. Contrary to the perception that the dynamics of the whole and expression of that are better left unsaid there is a place for me in my connection with others that it is very relevant to share our authentic experiences. It might involve a new way of relating to language and creatively exploring expression but it seems to me that it is a very natural aspect of our unfolding to do so.

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