Thinking and Wholeness

I encounter, at times, the notion that thoughts are always a product of the head and that they are a nuisance; something not conducive to a meditative life. This is a dualistic conclusion and contrary to this it seems to me that thinking is part of our evolutionary development that has become a useful tool; the problem being that at some point humanity has become conditioned in a way that has separated the process of thinking from the heart. Rather than “thinking” being something that falls away through a contemplative life, the heart is reintroduced to the process of thinking as a fundamental part of it, playing a role in balancing and focusing it in a less fragmented way. For this to arise, it seems that there is, however; some necessity that we are able to find grounding in the vastness of our being, that is inseparable from that wholeness, that influences our orientation and that is a source and guide for our thinking.

One thought on “Thinking and Wholeness

  1. There is no doubt that thoughts are abstractions. There are limitations to how well they can correspond to reality. But we can never know reality absolutely. We are limited by the input of our senses, for a start.

    But the fact that something is limited in its effectiveness is no reason not to value it and try to develop it to the degree that we can.

    I think the biggest limitation with thought regards accountability. If we cling to a thought without testing it’s conformity with the data available to us, that is dogma. Dogma is a defence against free thought based on the fear that that free thought might lead us to a scary place.

    Thought may be limited, but the honesty and integrity of thought which can arise from removing dogmatic barriers to free thought and from testing our thoughts against available data, is crucial to our ability to contribute to the health of society.


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