Relating and Unfolding

At those moments of our relating to others from this intimate place, when we are connected with ourselves and other, there is the potential for an unfolding, with heart connected thinking being the medium. This partly involves a dynamic, intimate and spontaneous use and sharing of words in a verbal connecting. The connection between individuals is in fact deeper than the words and the language being utilized, but there is as well the possibility for a dynamic and creative exploration in the use of language to express oneself and to share with another that experience. Wen our thinking, comes under the influence of the heart, ideas can influence ideas in an intuitive and creative way. It is highly possible that in a place of not being aware, that dialogue and the thoughts that fuel it are hijacked by a very conventional and static process. At the same time from a place of awareness there is always the possibility of an organic unfolding that occurs together with others in this more holistic relating.

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