To Listen Deeply

What is real of us might lay so deeply covered over and not so readily accessible ; often requiring being stimulated in a way that we might come to pay greater attention to it. I’ve always felt a sense of being stifled when my life becomes overly structured. It’s as if an alarm goes off, whenever I have forgotten myself and I always seem to realize that it is time to find space where I can listen more deeply to who and what I am. At one point I did not attend to it. I questioned my normality and turned to therapy and other mind altering influences for resolve. I never really understood it fully but in my sixties it has become much clearer. The search to find open space is an important part of finding my way back to something more real when I am adrift, caught up in life superficiality. I often looked to nature for this and still do and when it’s not readily available I have meditation and walking.
To follow in a way that perpetuates what we and our world have become is not the only choice that we have. New ways are in fact, desperately required if humanity is to survive. That is the beauty and wonder of being human; that we can perceive and pursue existence in different and diverse ways. Coming to understand and experience directly the flexibility and creative nature of our thinking and being, can enable us to realize that most of the conflict, dispute and ways of being stuck in the world involves individuals imposing their fixed notions of reality on others. To arrive at the realization that there is more to life than this fixed idea of “self” and that the acquired “self” is in fact a relative creation of numerous external influences is a life changing insight. A more universal and vast understanding and experience can open us up to endless possibilities. It can come from restoring the influence of our nature and the essence of what we are rather than what we have become.

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