To Be

I love the truth; I like to discover the truth but what I ultimately wish for is “to be”. Blogging has allowed me the opportunity to openly express and reveal my most intimate insights and realizations. I understand that one´s insights are relative to that unfolding. The soul is in an ongoing state of unfolding and however it is blocked and or open to this, will affect what is ultimately realized and in turn expressed.
It is not that I am eager to share my knowledge. The assumption that I have knowledge to share would be a highly questionable assertion. It is more that I am taking the opportunity to be what I am, and where I am at, in the understanding that in pursuit of the truth one must be authentic if one is hopeful that a free and creative unfoldment will occur.
A H Almaas suggests that the action of true nature is self-revelation. In agreement with this I turn to inquiry as a method to emulate what true nature does. It is a very human way and hopeful attempt to encourage a soulful self-revelation.
Almaas also writes that “the possibilities of creativity and depth in our soul are unlimited. And the agent of this creativity is the dynamism of our true nature. Inquiry is the ultimate aesthetic creativity; what is being created is life itself. As we move closer to the original nature of our experience, that experience opens up and reveals the beauty of all things.”
And it seems to me that the more inquiry and in turn the unfoldment of our understanding is allowed, the more we appreciate that revelation and as well the meaningfulness, precision and beauty of all things.

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