Iris and I are now in Mandalay staying in the city centre. It is very hot, dry and dusty. Iris is working long hours in conditions that are at times un hygenic added to a challenge of a language barrier and primitive equipment to train the staff. It can get quite frustrating and draining for her at times. But the people here are kind and generous, humble and simple and they have been so left in the dark by decisions that their poltitical government of the past made. In the past there was a tendency to monitor outgoing posts. I am still somewhat suspicious although I have nothing but good things to say about Myanmar people and how the military has allowed for change. They may have had good reasons to do what they have done in the past. I would not want Myanmar to become like many western countries or as well to be dominated by the influence of China. But there is a need to allow change to occur however of a quality that addresses humanistic needs. Hopefully the country can move forward and address some of the infra structure and health care problems of the country with their new governament and we can do our little bit to support that.

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