Authentic Sharing Involves A Creative Approach

I know that I have been conditioned in my way and it seems that it has been the tendency of our education of our children in general, that they are taught to communicate in a limited way that reflects superficiality, fragments and questionable assumptions about how the world is,  how they are and how they should be. The use of language becomes habitual in how it perpetuates a shallow and un- whole narrative based on a restricted examination and expression of our experience.

It is more difficult to find words to capture and express our unique perceptions and authentic experience for reasons that it requires a more honest and aware focus in order to  capture and reflect that. At times perceptions and experiences from the past may have come to be blocked from consciousness for various reasons related to our conditioning, replaced by more conventional and acceptable impressions. A more intimate, creative process may allow for opening and acceptance; and in turn; a freeing of what has been in the past blocked and not open to expression. In addition to this, nothing in this universe is permanent including our perceptions, insights and experience so there is the additional creative challenge of ongoing revision of that perception and expression of our experience that has become fixed and rigid. We dont really know what we will experience in the next moment. To be engaged in life,  aware of what is arising in the present allows for a more real and authentic and truth filled; exploration, interaction with others and expression of life and being;  beyond what we think that we know.

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