A Dialogue of Change

I have no delusions that I am the wise old  spiritual guru that is without the influence of a self. I can see that there is a self, and at times it can be constricted and self fixated and at other times it is open and accepting. I am becoming more open to change and see the benefits of being this way; that it facilitates a more authentic unfolding of what I am. I wonder how I might bring that acceptance of change that I am experiencing to the world. It’s not that I have definite ideas of what should be, but more a hope and ultimately a faith that change might be embraced.
That change itself will represent something undesirable to many. It’s not that there are bad guys and good guys but more that there will be resistance, partly a result of where the world is at. The dominant collective consciousness will be resistant to change because that is the nature of that consciousness. It is clear to me that there tends to exist in conventional thinking a more conservative agenda to protect and defend what we think we know ourselves to be and/or what we have become familiar and comfortable with. It is difficult to accept change when we are of this opinion and belief. It is not a bad thing but it is a way of thinking that is bringing disastrous consequences to the world.
I see the world saying in its own non verbal way that change must occur and I ask myself how I might bring the change that I am becoming, to the world in an authentic way. How can I be what I am in the world in a way that is not dogmatic? If one looks with awareness one can see what challenges need to be faced and ultimately embraced. That for me means to at least be engaged in dialogue and a part of that discussion. I question how it is that I should live as someone changing in a world that is grasping on to old ways and reeling against necessary change. How do I talk with those who are not ready to talk? Now more than ever for humankind and for the planet I see that there is a place for questioning, doubting and rebelling.

2 thoughts on “A Dialogue of Change

  1. I think that it might be helpful to take the attitude you take to yourself to others. How do you assist the unfolding in yourself? By being open and tolerant of it and by paying attention to it, as well as having a tolerant attitude to inevitable resistance. At least that is how I read it in your writing.

    It can always be tempting when you feel that change must happen to want to tell others what to do. Even assuming that we really have the understanding required to guide change effectively, this will tend to inspire resistance. And where people do end up following a “guru”, it can be a problem because they lose their capacity for autonomy.

    But we can be catalysts for change by lending our practical support to things others are doing. And when it comes to interacting with others who are resistant to change, rather than trying to express our views to them we can encourage them to articulate their own views. Sometimes, when someone is encouraged to fully express their resistance, their fears, etc., they will find that the are not as substantial or rational as they thought that they were. When we argue with them, we encourage them to cling to their prejudices in an unexamined way, but if we ask them to try to persuade us of their viewpoint, and simply ask relevant questions, the weaknesses of that viewpoint may become evident to them.

    I think there is wisdom in what Jesus is reputed to have said : “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.” If a new and better world is rising, then it is not something which can be controlled, and the person who is most important is the one who most deeply participates in it be being the love that rules it.


  2. I think that what you say is helpful and true. It is through acceptance that we open. I think that this is something that I am just coming to understand in my expanding self awareness. I cant be something that I am not and it is in the actual seeing that wanting others to be different is not acceptance. Ultimately it comes from a sense of separate self it seems.


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