Expanding Our Use of Words

Words are limited as they have come to be used in our conventional lives. They have found a solid place in a materialistic world as symbols and abstractions but have fallen to the wayside in their ability to capture the more direct experience. Words are quite effectively used to capture empirical and measurable experiences oriented in space and time but are less designed to capture emotions and formless impressions accurately. These days in our practically ordered school planning, the arts and the accompanying quality of envisioning life and the language used to do so is often being cut from educational curriculum. I have come to realize that language is an evolutionary development.  Despite the limitations of how we have conventionally come to use words , they are here to stay in this reality of a world that we have created.  But there is a challenge and that is to come to the realization that it is no less important to our wholeness and further development that we utilize language and words to explore and point to the more vast, comprehensive and direct experience of life that we are all connected to. This experience however indescribable and immeasurable is no less vital to who we are than our materialistic perceptions.
Even in the creative world of writing and art one can become compromised by conventional, cultural guidance if one strays too far from a more internal experience that is  ultimately not a mechanical verbal influence. But to frame this “non verbal influence” in words or artistic form so that it can be shared and that it can come to inform others of a deeper truth seems to be a step towards wholeness. To influence and encourage that quality of seeing and language in the raising and development of our children is to go beyond the limited perception of materialist envisioning.

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