M Train by Patti Smith

M TrainM Train by Patti Smith

A sentence from M Train reads; “Images have their way of dissolving and then abruptly returning, pulling along the joy and pain attached to them like tin cans rattling from the back of an old-fashioned wedding vehicle.” The M in M train seems to refer to memory and this seems to sum the book up for me. Patti Smith seems to return to places that she has visited, both in terms of relationship and actual places, and recalls images and emotions from those past experiences including feelings of grief, remorse and other emotions. It is a pleasant narrative, artistically written expressing and capturing something passed that can only be retrieved through lingering and emerging thoughts and than contemplation of an expression of them. Life, seems to be, for her, about noticing and examining and considering the process of writing such a book a
submergence into of these images and accompanying thoughts.

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