Conventional Reality

We humans are caught in our world in the gravity of our conventional reality. Vast emigration of war refugees, global political conflict, extensive economic inequality, the state of our humanly abused and polluted environment and many other man-made problems are rapidly blooming into crisis in this anthropocene age. We are lost and can not move out of that lostness regardless of what we do.
There exists an irrational faith in the ways of thinking of the past although it is becoming increasingly apparent  that the mind holds no solutions. It can only take us to another component of itself; to another fragmented understanding of the whole. To be able to move beyond the circularity of thinking that traps us, seems to require another quality of guidance; something beyond what we have known. It might not be something so external or conceivable to us as we might expect it to be; although it may not be beyond our intuitive capacity to experience.
It most certainly seems that evolutionary change involves something more than a reliance on our scientific and innovation experts and on conventional and habitual ways of being. We must first come to understand and accept just how lost we are and perhaps that our individual striving for security and safety and how we have in the past defined it are a part of the overall problem. Ultimately there is a point where, in letting go of what once seemed to serve us we are open to seeing in mew ways. The evidence today is that it there have been disastrous consequences derived from those old ways however much comfort and how familiar they have been to us. We are an integral part of all that is changing and our striving for permanence blocks us from that change and the truth that we are.

2 thoughts on “Conventional Reality

  1. I think a tremendous potential for love and creativity has always been drained off by toxic ways of interacting, and I think the heart of that toxicity lies with idealism – with the idea that we need to try to pressure ourselves or others towards good behaviour. Unleashing our capacity for love means taking that pressure off. That may require a significant amount of faith in the effectiveness of such an approach, because we cling to idealism and attempts to pressure ourselves or others towards better behaviour out of fear that if we don’t our behaviour will deteriorate, perhaps even that our repressed destructive tendencies will find dangerous expression.


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