One of the biggest things about waking up is realizing how asleep I had been. I believed in a world where there was one way to perceive reality. I am now aware that the world that I experienced, arose directly from “my” projections. From a conditioned perception I had come to develop a number of habitual ways to cope with fear and anxiety. Eating is one of those coping habits. I can now see the connection in greater clarity of how all of life is connected and involved in the act of eating. In our conditioned way we seem to lose sight of many dimensions of food and eating, how it comes to us in the food chain, how we are affected by our perceptions and external circumstances and how our perception can distract us from what is actually occurring. Willful intentions to understand this and to eliminate habitual ways have been inadequate in efforts to change and in some ways have just added layers to the already unconscious reality. I once learned that I could work out a problem prior to being conscious within the problem. I now realize that this is a relative truth and that it most often creates more problems than it fixes.
Things are falling away in coming to live a “being consciousness” which involves this idea of seeing from a perspective that is within the problem. In seeing life in a new light, in some ways involves seeing what I truly am and, these days, seeing how I am conscious in a way that is more intuitive and that involves a deeper more interconnected realization emanating from that intuitive way. There is increased awareness of the kind of limitations that were a part of the individual I once knew my self to be. That individual was very much a product of a dualistic, materialistic understanding of a world of form. There has been a revelation that everything is tied together and that I arise within this connection through the web of relationship and the acknowledgment of struggle that is inherent in the arising of form from formlessness and that we are birthed from that struggle and ultimately must grow old and die because of it.
Part of waking up also involves communicating with others and somehow exploring with them that exploring limitations does not mean that I need to work on improving my self-esteem. It involves becoming aware of the limitations of language, thinking and concepts that humans have created, such as individual and God. It has to do with becoming aware of the human imposed limitations that affect my perception and projection, that I have inherited as part of the human collective and what of me it is that I have missed that is not accessible in that conventional identification.
There is humility involved incoming to these realizations. I am something that is unfolding as a part of something much bigger than the individual.

2 thoughts on “Limitations

    1. I listened to the audio. I like his ideas about unconditional acceptance.I know Albert Ellis from my undergraduate psychology courses. Some times we encounter unconscious conditioning in the process. Of course practicing acceptance while doing so. My own sense that acceptance has more to do with a natural essence than judgements and other such assumptions. He talks about determination and effort that I have discovered can resonate for me with mindfulness. Cognitive behavioural therapy today seems to embrace mindfulness practice. Something like that. Just some thoughts.


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