Where We Might Discover Compassion

I can only truly know what my own experience is although it seems to me that the instant that many of us, in our conditioned way, feel that our conditioned identity is threatened in some way, we enter into a defence-attack mode. The emphasis increasingly becomes that we create and believe in stories that rationalize our own fear; attachment to questionable belief and the related action to minimize that fear. We are so attached to this identity despite the fact that it perpetuates our sense of isolation and lack of interconnection despite what we do; and that it might leave us for the most part without empathy and at times utterly without compassion. We are content to have our heads in the clouds dreaming up ways that we can serve our self fixation however superficial and delusional our stories may be.

We don’t seem to realize that the way that we might find freedom is a way of awareness and self knowing through it. As Albert Einstein has written our way of thinking is one that perpetuates a knot of self contraction. ” The world that we have made, as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far, creates problems we can not solve at the same level of thinking at which we created them.” and as Rodney Smith suggests “the way through is to make the knot of our self contraction conscious”. it might be more that the problems are more related to problems of perception and consciousness.

Our collective perception of the human “individual” night also be limited. In general we pursue a world of our individual utopian ideals not aware of the limitations they present in their manifestation. It seems now that we live in a world of individuals all bumping into each other in pursuit of their own ideals. This pursuit of our belief in individuality might be creating problems that we can not resolve with our thinking alone. We just have to take a minute to look, with honesty at the problems arising in the world and what we are doing to others and to the planet and how our reliance on intellectual solutions have been inadequate in addressing them.
There is not much space for our essence to shine through in our conceptualization and manifestation of the individual identity. We might not know what it is to be other than the individual we have created other than having brief glimpses of shining moments of a greater realisation of truth that thrives underneath the parameters of our self-identity. We may discover in going beyond those parameters what we are in a more fulfilling and authentic way and we may rediscover, there,  our inter-connectivity , our humanity and ability for compassion and empathy in its fullest experience.

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