Awareness and the Lifting of the Veil

It is my experience that there is an inextinguishable longing and search to replace something which has been lost in the development of the conditioned self, however conscious or not I am of it at times. Connected to that there is as well a perpetual flurry of ongoing thinking and activity, focused on relieving this sense of loss or separation, none of which ultimately seems to work.
Through an act of grace I have had the good fortune to come to see that this conditioned self that I have come to identify with includes a barrier, whereby the essence of what I am has become hidden. The reason for the existence of all of this I do not know although I have no doubt that it must serve some evolutionary purpose, all be it unclear what that is. I have only now come to realize that through awareness I can move out from the veil of my conditioning to realize a place of whole and authentic being. That seems to be a more desirable place to be in terms of appreciating and the living and loving of life.

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