Life is a Moving Experience

To live fully is to be filled with moments of being passionately touched by life. When I feel most alive I am moved to tears. It seems to be so connected to the ultimate realization that there is no expertise outside of my own direct experience of being that can guide me in my life. To disentangle being from a world of appearances where I exist as an embodied being I must inevitably live, make mistakes and discover for myself. How we have come to perceive mistake making is questionable anyway. Making mistakes is inseparable from the discovery and searching that are the mystery of life. There is no perfection to strive for. That is a concept that has been a creation of culture and convention.
I experience such a sense of gratitude at those moments that I am able to lift my head from out under the covers. It is so easy to linger there, underneath. Masses of we humans seem to have come to prefer it there spending much of our time searching for the comfort and warmth of what we have found there. The end result is often that we don’t recognize or that we can not cope with the reality of living in a more authentic way. It can in fact be quite frightening for us to experience it.
It’s not easy to remain in the place of embracing life fully. It first involves being able to come to distinguish the difference between authentic being and appearance, because we have been misinformed of that. Much of what life for humans has been turned into misses the deep truth of life. There are so many influences that pull one back under, too many to think that we can easily separate from them easily. Some of them arise from what we have become as a product of habitually attending to the knowledge of others, which we incorporate into our self perception.
So my life has increasingly become a search to capture these moments of being most alive. What other reason can it be that we are here to do. it must be that this arises from something authentic that we are. Somehow we have been deluded and anesthetized to this quality of living and it is inevitably projected onto how we treat other beings, humans and the planet.

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