Always Unfolding

The world is a mystery and it is constantly changing and unfolding. Life is creation and it is inseparable from this same ever-changing world unfolding. We can’t possibly know what we desire to know about it with our fixed formulas for knowing if it is constantly changing and transforming. But we seem to be infinitely involved in trying to find some security in knowing it through our conventional means. This seems to be at the heart of our suffering. We want the world “to be” according to our fixed perceptions but it is not. So we try to change the world according to our ideas and in doing so we perpetuate an unnatural order.

As the Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska wrote, I was born into the world “ill-prepared for the privilege of living.” These days my experience is coming to be, more and more, to live life from this place of awareness of the mystery. The understanding that we end up with affects the reality that we create and because our understanding of knowing is limited, so is the reality that we create and in turn project on to life. A big step in coming to a deeper understanding for me has been to come to increasingly become aware of the limitations of language and thought and to be able to differentiate my state of consciousness. I have possessed an imaginative curiosity about most everything, as most of do, and I am involved in conventional ways of understanding but at the same time I am aware of the inherent limitations of these. We have devised many different ways of seeing life and things in it and how we see things depends on the ways that we are utilizing to see with and there is no ultimate way of seeing or reducing existence into one meaningful equation or formula. The mystery is continually unfolding.
I don’t think that we can ever come to an ultimate knowing of our existence because that would be fixed and it would not include the changes that are occurring in each moments.

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