An Intelligence not of the Mind but of Being

Our minds are highly specialized to know specifics, details and fragments. That is partly why we have difficulty envisioning the bigger and sometimes more  disastrous consequences of our inventions and political ideologies. Science has helped us to understand our unfolding in terms of   evolution  but what do we understand of the evolutionary force behind it.

It seems clear  that  the mind must be a creation of this force of evolution but is it in  turn something that the mind in its specialization  can grasp in full. Is there an essence of it that is not knowable by the mind.

Our minds can never know all the elements and forces involved in our experience and as well in our unfoldment. We need to listen to the guidance of our being itself, a guidance that is an expression of the intelligence of our  reality. This is inherent to being, whose intelligence is in contact with everything

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