To Move Beyond a Self Centred Perception

Acting as we habitually do, doing things each day without inquiring, accepting ways and expectations as they are and truth as we have been told it is leaves us in a place where we do not see beyond the self that is a creation of convention and compliance. There exists a conditioned, fixated notion of an individual self in that, the problem being that our essence as human beings is in no way fixed or separated from all else in life. It is a creative, dynamic ever-changing unfolding essence that we are and that we are an integral part of,  that in our fixed notions and habitual ways we insulate ourselves from.

Krishnamurti asks, “what is it to be self-centred? When are you conscious of being the ‘me’? As I have suggested often during many talks, don’t merely listen to me verbally, but use the words as a mirror in which you see your own mind in operation. If you merely listen to my words, then you are very superficial, and your reactions will be very superficial. But if you can listen, not to understand me or what I am saying, but to see yourself in the mirror of my words, if you use me as a mirror in which you discover your own activity, then it will have a tremendous and profound effect. But if you merely listen as in political or any other talks, then I am afraid you will miss the whole implication of the discovery for yourself of that truth which dissolves the centre of the ‘me’.” -From the Collected Works, Vol. VI”,321,Choiceless Awareness

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