Begin Where We Are

Krishnamurti presents the simplicity of meditating otherwise, and the almost universal response has been that it cannot be done. Few seemed to doubt that Krishnamurti “had done” it, but
most of us still look for a way to meditation using ways and methods whereby our minds have been hijacked.

Begin where we are? Is that to make a beginning? If we are already “there,” how can we speak of getting “there” to begin? The words are dangerous. Ordinarily, with the question of the beginning, what is anticipated is a method. “Where do I begin?” A dance instructor could paint the steps on the floor, and you might learn something by stepping into them. Perhaps then there would be no need for the instructor. Something like this, after all, is the idea behind self-help and do-it-yourself and online education. The thinking is that if the one willing to learn is brought together with the proper resources and tools, learning there will be.
We must employ our words in such a way that they do not imprint into consciousness what has been acquired through conditioning and what has become habit. In that habitual way we are not available to what may be revealed. We must use our words as we might stones, to throw them at something that can only be known by turning the head and looking. If we listen to the words themselves, think of them as little vessels of meaning, we will end up with all of the old ideas and styles of thinking that have gotten us where we are. If we are to think, we must be able to do it at a distance from language as it is ordinarily used. If we can dissociate thought and language, achieve for the first time a genuine independence of thought, we can learn the advantages and disadvantages of thinking generally.

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