Unrealized Freedom

Surrender of the conditioned self inevitably involves an instability. The other side of this is an undreamed-of freedom. A H Almaas writes “The view of totality, because of its all-inclusiveness and lack of fixation, heralds a type of freedom that we have never imagined possible. And what we see is that the price of this freedom is ontological insecurity. We cannot be secure and imagine that we are going to be free. Security requires stability, which easily becomes fixation, a fundamental aspect of the usual sense of self.”

The view of totality, because of its unbounded quality, allows for discovery to happen in any field or area in an unlimited way. It allows us to see that understanding, knowledge, and experience have no limit and that there is no reason to posit a limit or an end. Grasping at security and the fixation of the self  lead to the creation of a closed system that always excludes some truth, which amounts practically to excluding the truth of Total Being to live its freedom.”

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