To Be Authentic Is To Be

He who has come only in part to freedom of reason cannot feel on earth otherwise than a wanderer – though not as a traveler towards a final goal for this does not exist.
Friedrich Nietzsche
It is difficult to be open to the real world when we are attending to our conditioned and fixed opinions and ideas. The notion that we must focus on “becoming something” is one of these ideas that takes us from what we truly are. In doing so we embrace a belief about what self is, that seems to contribute to an alienation from something more authentic that we are. Our thoughts are not everything; in fact they may not be about anything rooted in truth. One such belief is that we need to be constantly improving ourselves. The problem being that in our habitual focus on improvement we never reach a place where we are finished polishing and improving.
It is our conditioning to assume many unquestioned and unexamined thoughts as truth and the standards we are using in doind so are coming from the paradigm of separation. The feelings that it perpetuates are that we are never complete. And this more often than not becomes the foundation of our assumed identity and in turn our collective identity.
There is nothing to become. No final goal of becoming or betterment. In these goals we are wandering. To be present in this world is to be involved in the ongoing, direct experience of living and the unfolding of life from that.

Author: Gord Clements

I find some satisfaction in the act of attempting to express my experience of life through painting, writing, language and other art forms. I have been painting for over thirty five years and combine my love of art with a meditative and contemplative way of life. I have an intuitive sense that true creativity is something that arises from beyond and through Qthe self that can be explored and shared through some form of expression although I always hope to open to the influence of that which is beyond my limited sense of self.

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