A Light That Reveals Something Authentic

It is very difficult to capture and express in words what arises in consciousness. I am aware that my experience of life is not conventional. Meditation and contemplation have been an important part of life for me especially over the past twenty years or so. The exploration of what it is that might be authentic has been a significant part of that. The greatest truth that I have had to come to contemplate is the huge possibility that I don’t really know. I have come to strongly doubt what I have been taught to believe is true and what others claim to be true. As long as I am pursuing a logical, rational fact based knowledge and understanding I am too specifically focused to be open to a more natural and authentic revelations. I have great doubt about the claims formulated from a refined, conventional consciousness or more specifically I question the belief that we can know as we think we can. I am aware of the limitations of this refined way and the conditioning that can compromise conclusions drawn from it. I am always prepared to listen to others and to be open to what I might be missing but it is more in the exploring together with others rather than focusing on what is knowable, what has been assumed and concluded that is of value to me. What occurs together with others that facilitates opening and expansion is more significant to me than final conclusions. It seems to be in this opening an awareness of another quality reveals insight in another light.

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