A Perspective

I will take a break from writing a blog for a while. The blog seemed to serve me in some way, especially in coping with my time spent in Nepal and Germany over the past seven years, but it has come to a point that I will take time to contemplate its usefulness. I think that I have been fighting for some time to hang on to something: what that is I am not entirely sure except that it is something, that over the years, I have come to know myself to be and not necessarily the truth of what I am.

A friend said to me the other day that we all have perspectives. There is truth in that. I have come to see that in that need to define what we are and to hold tightly to a perspective that is relevant to that “self-definition” that we ignore much of what can not be defined that we are. It is from this place of disconnection from something most essential and at the same time ineffable that we most contribute to destructive ways. These ways are revealing themselves in terms of how we relate to ourselves, others, other beings and the planet itself. Our perspectives seem to be more “in the way ” than they have been a way to growth and progress that we have in the past believed them to be. This applies both to the individual and to the collective. We don’t want to change people. That not something that seems to work, anyway. I think that it is beyond changing people or hoping that people change. What is happening to the world and to the planet will change people whether they desire that or not. It seems to me that we can make those changes in an easier way if we can bring love to how we interact with others and to help them to cope with the impact of those changes. Change creates doubt.
Brene Brown writes, “If we are brave enough often enough, we will fall; this is the physics of vulnerability”. There seems to be something to be realized in that failing. Possibly it is the death of our intense attachment to identifying with a perspective that prevents us from an open awareness.

I will continue to post clippings and reading that I encounter in my daily search.

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