Fading Memory

A close friend sent the card below to me the other day.  I happened to be, at the time, reading about the stream of life; that everything that we experience is a part of us, although,  ultimately we are consciously not aware of this interconnection. We often make an active effort to retain memories of another or direct our lives based on our past recollections. Not that it is wrong to do this, but in not being aware of our connection we have come to rely on our thinking and our memory to define what we are and memory of the past has come to play a substantial role in this.

My friend followed up with an email the next day indicating that her family is going for “power of attorney” because her memory and mental capacity are failing. I did not know that she had reached this point when I received her photo of the card and emailed my reply about us all being interconnected in response to the card.

These days, I am more conscious of this other truth in my experience of living. In that there is less of a need to remember.  My contemplation and reflection has influenced my perception, increasing the awareness that we are not the separate entities that we have been conditioned to believe, as our conventional understanding  see  ourself and others to be.  A perceived separation between mind and body perpetuated by our current world view could in fact be at the heart of much of our contemporary illness and other crisis.

All in the universe is changing but our current, dominant collective view often translates into a materially and mechanically focused perception that involves  seeing ourselves  and the world in a way that is fixed and or static, and more or less being isolated in that.

The reality of  change is sometimes difficult for us to accept. There will always be the consequences of change that we have to cope with one way or another. But as humans we have been conditioned to believe that through effort we can change the inevitable. We have come to believe that we can keep things static and in this conditioned belief here is a denial of “what is”,  We see only pieces of the puzzle and are busy in our effort to modify those pieces.

A more contemporary realization of science is that we are an inseparable  part of this eternal cosmos that is ever-changing and vasty interconnected. Our interconnection as sentient human beings is much more than we perceive it to be.  Our adaptive perceptual developments actually interfere with this more cosmic and comprehensive perception.

We are in fact more in flow with ourselves, others and the cosmos when we are in line with this more comprehensive way of being.  It is not something that can occur through willful effort. It is only a piece of it, that can in fact  perpetuate a piecemeal perception if we rely predominantly only on it. In doing so we do become separated in our awareness of deeper truth. We have to be willing to investigate and inquire into our habits and patterns if we desire to open to a more truthful way of perceiving our lives.

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