Surrendering the Thought

Just as our search for an original set of Buddha’s definitive words failed, and all we were left with were provisional versions, in the same way a search for the Buddha’s definitive meaning fails too. What we have are traditions of interpretation. But that’s not the kind of authority we imagine when we claim sectarian primacy. Sectarian authority claims assume solid essentialist ground. That type of ground is just not there. – Linda Heuman, “Whose Buddhism Is Truest?”

Whose Buddhism is Truest? No one’s—and everyone’s, it turns out. Long-lost scrolls shed some surprising light.Linda Heuman

Our search for the truth often involves interpretation of the direct experience using abstract means to understand and express that. In our conditioning we come to assume that our way of thinking will illuminate truth not realizing the limitations of thinking and at the same time the limitations of our conditioning. We have come to live through our thoughts, in a most thorough way and seem not to be directly aware of how these ways separate us from a more direct experience of knowing. We  have in a general way, collectively,  lost sight of what it means to know in the way of direct being. In our reliance on thought, there is an habitual tendency to perpetuate this way of seeing and being and to perpetuate that separation that is a consequence of it.   Even in our insights, we are habitually  and ultimately compelled to understand them through our thought. Through a “surrendering of the thought” we can learn to come to be present to that suffering, difficulty, anger, grief and anything else in our experience. It is in this way of a whole heart that our hearts are enabled to grow deeper and wider. We have access to another kind of  knowing when we are more connected with the heart.   – Gord

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