Creating and Being

The Artist is no other than he who unlearns what he has learned, in order to know himself. – E.E. Cummings

Writing has become, for me as my art has. It is a refreshing, creative and self expressive experience; not without risk and limitation. Being fixed in time and being a metaphoric enterprise are inherent aspects of both art and writing that are of the essence of these forms that limit the communication. But there is something about these forms of expression that can go beyond that: that can touch something limitless and eternal, arising indirectly not as a result of intention. What is touched in that process is not necessarily experienced by others, but it serves for me, apart from the literal meaning of what is written or emulated in an ineffable way. It touches, taps into and allows for the release in me of something more authentic and essential than most any other conventional activity of life.
I most often begin both painting and writing with an intuitive eruption. What will take form, from that, I am never sure of but I have come to have a faith and confidence that something authentic and alive and dynamic will emerge if I am in a space of letting go. As well, this energy seems to be fueled by something essential of the essence of what is authentic of me, that leads my hands and thoughts through the creating. Art and writing are part of an essential connection to being for me. The “mere fact of being” meaning for me as Rev. Patti Nakai suggests that “It is precisely our recognition of life’s inevitable hardships, along with our uprooting of the attachment that exacerbates them, that allows us to appreciate the mere fact of being. Suffering and its unwholesome causes are not to be escaped but to be confronted—and eventually transformed into wisdom and compassion.”

This is all a part of what is involved in an authentic connection to life and in creating.

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