A Dualistic, Self Protecting Activity

Our days are so busy, filled with activities of every kind, work, taking care of bills, speculation, shopping, meditation, sorrow, and joy, school, exercise, bettering ourselves, getting ahead. Strip us of our position, power, money and what we have come to identify with and what are we? All that to show, outwardly, but inwardly emptiness and shallowness for many. It is very difficult to have both, the inner and other riches, especially if ones intent is towards a more outward focus. Ans as well one can ultimately come to lose these outer achievements and accumulations at any time and this can shatter what has been so carefully built up. The inner realizations are in fact incorruptible; nothing can touch them, for they have not been put together by the mind.
In their book “The Roaring Silence” Ngampa Chogyam and Kandrochen suggest that we engage in this busy, external activity to the degree that we desire to feel solid, permanent, continuous, separate and defined in an impermanent world; however, temporarily at times that world displays a shifting illusion of permanence. We attempt to perpetuate  “fleeting apparitions of stability” that we are seeking out and that are grasped at,  only through vigorous efforts to escape the truth of impermanence that they provide. These mechanisms are constantly under threat as we are constantly reminded of the impermanence of life and that the duality that we have grasped onto requires deviation from effortlessness.
Nonduality, on the other hand is completely relaxed in the flow of whatever is. It is not that we should choose one or the other. It is more about the benefit of becoming increasingly aware of how we live and the consequences of that and how we might come to realize deeper truth for ourselves, through our own investigating and exploration.

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