Self Examination First

In the conditioning of our children we mould them into mirror creations  of our own conditioned perceptions. The ongoing pattern is one of adhering to an external idea, created from our selective thoughts of what We think is best for them and what they should become. Part of this is teaching them to be, ongoing, in their pursuit of becoming. All these aspects we assume to be the best for our children without honest and open reflection. However clever we think we might be, we are stuck in our limitations as victims of our own unexamined and unseen conditioning.

Should we not forget to be wise enough to look up to the sky and down to our deepest interior? Should we not be concerned with our own conditioning first and what has been lost in that and what had not been honest, authentic and open in our own development, prior to assuming to teach our children to be what we have become. We only need to look to the world around us to see what we have missed. Fear, self fixation and violence seem to be at the heart of most of our collective development and other world and more local crisis.

There are many ways that are fixations and rigid and distorted adherence to traditional and conventional concepts,  beliefs and ideals are creating conflict and stagnation. What must we do to move beyond the closed and fearful influences that dominate our collective ways and to see the potential of what we are, and to open, and come to  invite an honest, compassionate  and creative unfolding of what we are ?

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