Freeing Up An Optimizing Force

How do we realize the optimizing force inherent in existence so that it will resume its natural function of revelation and unfolding if the incredible potential within our being is to be realized?
There are many possible ways to experience and conceptualize our existence. How can we know for sure that our way is the right way?

I have an immense desire to know truth.  And I have come to know that my way of seeing what is true has changed. That has to do  partly with the limitations of knowing and partly to do with the fact that everything is constantly changing.  I realize that truth can be a subjective experience and that how we perceive it to be, seems to change and unfold as we unfold. But it is the one thing that I love the most and it has led me to know that loving truth is the only thing that can lead to freedom.
At this time I am inclined to reflect on the truth as I see it to be in relation to our human conditioning. For  almost all humans,  a conditioning occurs through language, culture and other influences, that shapes our thoughts and in turn how we perceive and understand. It is an inevitable part of our upbringing in a dualistic world. If we hope to open to the truth of what is we must come to be aware of it and to understand how it has shaped and inevitably limited our experience.
Through that conditioning the intellect becomes compromised and in that, it acquires a discriminating, materialistic and reductionist way of understanding that contributes to distortion and confusion in the way we envision life and all in it.
The intellect must in fact come to be diverted away from the processed abstractions of philosophical or materialistic junk food if it is to gain access to any quality or depth of insight that is its nature prior to the conditioning. It is key that there is the realization that the intellect itself needs to awaken to the way in which it functions as a method, that obscures the nature of mind.
No amount of collected data or information acquired in this conditioned way will ever answer the question of what humanity looks to find about itself. A letting go and letting be; all part of another aspect of being in the world in a more whole way, can come to increasingly influence the intellect and to contribute to the development of a more comprehensive vision and understanding than we have known through our conditioned way.

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