Reality  Free to Express Itself

“As we see through the conceptual assumptions that pattern our experiences—whether dual or nondual—reality becomes free to express itself without the need for determination.” – A H Almaas

I love this quote written by A H Almaas. In his teaching he writes about our conceptual assumptions and how they are conditioned through our learning and development as individuals, beginning when we are born. We are quickly conditioned to believe that we can determine who we are in a mechanical methodological way,  and in that,  we develop a pattern of  spending much of our energy and  most of our life with this focus of becoming something perceived to be better.  Much of the conditioning is concerned with influencing our self-image. how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us to be. They are focused  efforts to attempt to determine what we become.

But the reality of this is not what it seems. This act of determination manifests as in an extremely reductive  and selective focus and effort and actually excluding many aspects of being. It creates a barrier that separates  us from a more fundamental and whole way of being. There are considerable consequences for this consciousness. One being that we  are cut off from something more authentic, compassionate  and passionate of what we are, however unmeasurable it might be. As we begin to experience life, having seen and understood this conditioning we are free to unfold in a more authentic way letting go of this habitual and mechanistic conditioning. Coming to a place of being free of that, we can once again experience our humanity in a more natural, open and whole way and once again we can experience life through that. It is not a perfect, idealistic way but a more imperfect, human way however more filled with awareness of our limitations and connection and most welcome of  all a compassion for ourselves and all else.

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