Letting it Out

Our conditioning has had a powerful influence on us. Much more than we are most often  aware. It is the conditioning that has created the “sub conscious”  that is a product of feelings and emotions arising from thinking and thoughts that have not been realized in awareness.   Very few are aware of their inward changes, setbacks, conflicts and distortions that have arisen as a result of this. We have been conditioned to the cultural way of our upbringing concerning what is right to think and feel and as a developing “person” in that culture we do unusual and oppressive things to our most natural feelings, thoughts and experiences. We learn to be a “self” in our somewhat fragmented cultural way.

Even if there is that awareness we have often learned in a powerful way to try to push these things that I have mentioned aside or run away from them. There is also a danger of living with one`s thoughts and feelings too closely. One has to be aware of one’s thoughts and feelings, without anxiety, without pressure. When there is awareness there is growth and we come to be aware of our thoughts and feelings, let them come out, not  checking them, not  holding them back. We come to let them pour out, the gentle as well as the violent ones. Awareness is a key.

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