The Light Within Us Leads Us

The Zen of Not Knowing by Zenkei Blanche HartmanWe all have the light within us. Nobody can give that to us, no guru, no teacher, saviour, no one. There is no mystical experience waiting to be experienced. There is “no one” to have that experience. These are all conceptual creations of the mind, equivalent to the belief in a deity,  of ones cultural preference. For some time in the west we have had apparent choices about what we believe, more so than in the east. But they are  often based on beliefs  that are more of the same quality of choices, creations of the mind and a grasping at a belief in security and salvation. It is a habitual working of the conditioned mind that much what it comes to grasp in belief is in defence of itself. Even the attachment to a belief in self is suspect in this way.
But thought does exist, and we are not served in our efforts to deny or eliminate it. It is more realistic and helpful to inquire into and to become aware of the limitations and nature of thinking. Surely we have refined our ability to reflect enough to consciously question and contemplate  about that “mechanism” that we most use to understand our existence. We are in a better position if we can realize the relativity of our thinking and from there to go beyond it to a more fundamental and direct experience of our consciousness. To do this is to go beyond our narrow beliefs and formulations, our cravings and hopes, to experience that which is deathless and timeless. It is the mystical mystery that is pointed to by everything that we have believed and imagined although at the same time not being imaginable.
Our thinking can come to serve in a more functional and practical and whole way as an instrument of exploration, expression and creation from this deeper realization and the truth that it uncovers. That is the light that leads us, not our thoughts about it and the understanding of life and the extraordinary meaning of death directly experienced and in an ongoing revelation and realization is meditation.

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