Emptiness and Impermanence

In letting go and going beyond our habitual and  conventional and conforming ways  there is another existence to be experienced. One that is not so influenced by memory, time and what we have been taught and have learned to be true. There is another more directly encountered experience of truth. Words and concepts can be useful in efforts to express that experience but they are never enough. It is not such an easy walk to this place for some. We seem to have to experience what we have tucked away and covered over as a result of our conditioning.  It is not always so easy to make sense of what arises out of our new-found openness. Not all of our experiences are as knowable as we have been informed they are. In opening to what is we may encounter locked away experiences. They can appear as sensations and emotions possibly having been trapped in the body and the sub conscious. So there involves a confronting or a reconnection  to the unresolved remnants of our created stories. It can require a re-orientation and learning to be with what arises in a new way. It is also beneficial to, along with presence, bring a nurturing and accepting way to this and to where we are at. For me finding space where there is solitude, that I can be alone in the silence in my unfolding is key. It can be  ongoing however more softened and bearable it is made in presence and it may be that it is an easier process for others whose conditioning has not created such barriers and aversions. Ultimately we are not the fixed and permanent beings we have somehow come to perceive ourselves to be.

Susan Kahn offers an inspiring essay on time and impermanence in her essay

impermanence by Susan Kahn from The Emptiness Buddhist and Beyond website

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