Beyond Mindfulness

One thing that meditation has helped me to realize is that it is more about getting out-of-the-way. We have been conditioned to a lot of bad habits in our thinking ways both individually and collectively. They are in fact inseparable. Those habits have distracted and diverted our focus from the natural evolved state and capacity of the mind. Sitting in silence we awaken to those habits. We don’t respond with additional conditioning but sit in silence with our thoughts, not reacting or being compelled by them. From this place of acceptance and seeing a more natural way of being reemerges. Action arising from this natural place is of great value.

Something must occur if we are to authentically address the mounting social, environmental and other global problems that are a consequence of our collective bad habits. Action that has been undertaken from a place of self fixation is a problem. We arent inclined to take the kind of responsibility that is necessary from this place of consciousness. On the other hand a  passive idealism is not the answer. It is of an idealism and conditioning and more of the way of thinking that has led humans to where we are at now.

I have no answers or solutions except possibly that action from  awareness seems to me to be a place that we can start from.

I have recently begun reading this book by Patrick McCarty and have discovered it to be very helpful in examining with great clarity and originality our habitual and conditioned ways of thinking.

Beyond Mindfulness: A Simple Profundity for 21st-Century Despair: ICG/iCNN 2014 Winner International Foster AwardMar 8 2014
by Dr. Patrick McCarty

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