A Footnote to A Contemplative Way of Living

Most of what I write is to encourage others to live in a contemplative way and to bring meditation and inquiry into their lives. Even though we are born human most of us have not found our true selves. Ultimately, with this being the reality, we end up having an endless number of false selves teaching our children, leading us and determining our lives. And in our ignorance we eagerly follow along. All the layers and illusions we adopt in preparing ourselves for a competitive world and to fit into the world of relationships ends up  covering over what is most real and truthful about us. This is a most distressing way of life that has rather disastrous global and social consequences.
The contemplative way is about becoming intimate with one self and in coming to know oneself we tap into something of an energy that is much more vast and intelligent than the limited self that we have adopted. It is something of us that has eternally been an aspect of existence prior to the relative recent development of the self.
Each one of us has an individual and unique experience of life but the essence of that experience is deeper than the self can experience or realize, whose creation and substance is subject to that limiting conditioning, through which we come  to perceive the self to be something fixed and permanent. In this conditioning we come to identify and  perceive in fragments and pieces.
In our modern times especially we see something to be real or not, based on what is measurable and/or the empirical, sensual evidence of that. Through a contemplative way we come to be more intimate with that which we are that is less amendable to these methods of measurement,and that is beyond the fixed perception that we have come to see our self to be. It opens the way of being in life that is more comprehensive and dynamic, connected to a more authentic essence of what we are. It is always the essence of what we are and not far away however we have come to be identified with something else.

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